Hair Care – Cosmetics Review

Every person has different hair types: fine, thick, long, short, matte, glossy, curly, coily, or straight. Whatever type of hair we have, we always try to find the best cosmetics for our hair care routine. However, choosing the best products can sometimes be frustrating and challenging to many of us and this is why I have chosen 1 of the […]

Is Johnson’s Baby Oil good for skin?

Whenever I travel I always experience skin dryness due to the change in water and climate. I must say I really love travelling, but what I really hate is having dry skin. I have tested many moisturising body lotions, different types of oils including Johnson’s Baby oil, and many other alternatives. However, I couldn’t find anything suitable for myself as […]

Ziaja cosmetics addiction

One of my favourite cosmetics company is Ziaja. Have you ever heard of it? If not you should definitively visit their website and check out their products. Just to let you know this is not a sponsored post and I am not getting anything in return for writing it. I just want to share my opinion with you as I […]