Live Update on Prince Philips’s funeral

On the 9th April 2021 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has passed away at the age of 99. He was a member of the British royal family as the husband of Queen Elizabeth for 73 years. Prince Philip had four children, eight grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. The funeral “very much reflects the Duke’s wishes” as it is not a state […]

Polish government tries to stifle free media.

Up to 15% on new advertising tax for independent media in Poland Protests in Poland caused by Polish politics may become a tradition soon. Over the last few months, many protests took place in Poland including protests about equality for LGBTI, protests against tightening of abortion laws in Poland, and the most recent protest was organised by Polish private media […]

Abortion restrictions approved by the Polish government

New abortion restrictions in Poland! At the moment abortion is a very controversial topic in Poland. After the recent judgment of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, almost all abortions are totally prohibited. Poland’s top court has ruled that abortions in cases of fetal defects are unconstitutional. This topic has been an issue for most women since 22 October 2020 when the […]

WhatsApp – new terms and conditions of service

Have you heard that WhatsApp is now changing their terms and conditions? If you are an Android or IOS user and use WhatsApp, bear in mind that WhatsApp is now forcing their users to accept new terms and conditions. The new requirements will include acceptance for sharing personal data such as phone numbers, locations or even contacts’ phone numbers with […]