WhatsApp – new terms and conditions of service

WhatsApp – new terms and conditions of service

Have you heard that WhatsApp is now changing their terms and conditions?

If you are an Android or IOS user and use WhatsApp, bear in mind that WhatsApp is now forcing their users to accept new terms and conditions. The new requirements will include acceptance for sharing personal data such as phone numbers, locations or even contacts’ phone numbers with Facebook and its subsidiaries. The new WhatsApp terms and conditions will need to be accepted by the 8th February 2021, otherwise, you will lose access.

The Tech Crunch editor Mike Butcher has tweeted “Signal and Telegram are now better alternatives if you are concerned about your privacy,”. Moreover, he has compared App Privacy of Signal, Telegram WhatsApp and Facebook Messanger. From his comparison, we can see that Signal and Telegram collect only basic information such as Contact Information, Contacts and Identifiers where applications like WhatsApp or Facebook collects even your purchases or financial information.

However, not only Mike Butcher has suggested that people should use Signal or Telegram. Have you heard of Elon Musk? Yes, he is another person who suggested stopping using WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, as the technology moves on it is more difficult to feel safe as whatever you do is being controlled without your knowledge. I suggest reading everything we are accepting in order to avoid surprises and know what sort of data is being collected by mobile applications which we are using. Soon we will not be able to have secrets and nothing will be personal as now applications like WhatsApp are even collecting our Financial information. Please stay safe and read all term and conditions even the long ones ๐Ÿ™‚

After knowing how much extra data is being collected by Facebook and WhatsApp, do you still plan to use it? I will probably give up and use Telegram as it seems the most reasonable app to use. Do you know any other mobile apps which can be used for communication purposes? Let me know in the comments below and maybe those would be more suitable and easier to use for me or other readers of Ooverload blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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